Amber Rose: There is No Sluts or Hoes

On Tuesday Amber Rose sat down with the Everyday Struggle Crew (Joe Budden, DJ Akademics and Nadeska) and opened up about her upcoming Annual Slut Walk. Amber explained that she was not the founder of the ‘Slut Walk” but that she simply started her own version. The slut walk began back in 2011 when a woman was assaulted on a college campus. The authorities advised the girls on campus not to dress as sluts so that guys wouldn’t touch them. This prompted the girls to start the first slut walk in Toronto. The girls dressed in “slutty” clothes and protested that no matter how they are dressed, sexual violence was not okay. When Amber became “famous” she used her platform to start a walk.  Amber states when she was a dating a famous guy (Kanye) people would  call her a slut and whore even though she was with the one guy for two years. After their break up, she married and had a kid by a guy she was faithful too (Wiz) and was still shamed with derogatory names. Slut walk  seemed to pertain directly to her life and she knew that other people could relate. At last years Slut Walk over 11,000 men and women were in attendance.

Joe Budden’s posed the question “when can we call women sluts”? Amber responded that you have to know the definition of slut. Amber says there is no problem with women having consensual sex with who they want to have sex with. “It should not be torn down to derogatory labels because you’re uncomfortable with a woman owning her sexuality”.  Amber argued that there is a double standard,  and that rappers are never criticized with the number of models they date or are seen with. However, when models or women in general are seen with rappers they are automatically labeled as a whore.  Amber came back with the question “what is hoe behavior”? Promiscuous in Amber’s terms is “people being uncomfortable with people owning their sexuality”.  Amber stuck to her argument there are no sluts and hoes just men who try to put women down…

Amber posted the controversial  bare all photo to announce Slut Walk a few weeks ago.  According to Amber the picture was simply for marketing and drove people to her Slut Walk website. Amber even gave reasoning behind her “landing strip” as Joe Budden called it. According to Amber, pubic hair keeps women safe from infections, and  possible stds that could slip through condoms. She strongly believes pubic hair is healthy for women.

Amber’s 3rd Annual Slut Walk is slated to be held on October 1, in Downtown Los Angles. The walk has been extended by a mile from the previous years. This years event is expected to draw over 17,000.


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