Beauty Tip Tuesday’s : Product Review on Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner

Image result for milani infinite eyelinerHave you ever went to the drug store to buy your favorite eyeliner and it is out of stock? Are you scared to try a new liner? if you ever looked in the Milani section but scared to try something new this article is specifically for you. If you have been looking at the chique looking product in the black and gold tube. I am here to share the good, bad and the tips of this product before you try it for your self.


  • Very Rich – The color is fab-no matter how little or how much you pack on your eye lid color stays matte and solid.
  • Brush is firm and thick for easy filling in.
  • 24 Hour is a understatement  – this product in particular will last until you take it off .


  • This product gets thick over time (after 3 months of use)
  • Too much product comes out on the brush (brush may not have a stopper )
  • Brush is too thick (difficult for precise results)
  • difficult to remove without some sort of makeup remover.
  • Gets messy with out the tight stopper.


  1. If you have this product try leaving it in the car if it gets to thick to use.
  2. you can remove the product of the face with petroleum jelly or olive out if makeup remover is not present.

If you have this product or thought this review was helpful please like and comment below for more visuals make sure you view the video below !


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