We Will Be “Cash-in” Her in Jail After Yesterdays Hearing.

Welp, her short high rise to stardom seems to be coming to an end and we can “cash her” in jail very shortly.  That’s right.  Danielle Bergoli, the 14 year old viral sensation, plead guilty in Florida to counts of marijuana possession, filing a false police report, and grand theft yesterday.  These incidents happened prior to her appearance on the Dr.Phil show that led to her celebrity status.  The courts dropped multiple additional charges but she still may be held responsible for a battery charge where her and her friends were on tape brawling outside of a cafe.

Her mother hasn’t really made a comment, though we clearly see from the Dr. Phil episode that she doesn’t really have anything to say in the first place, but Danielle’s father is disappointed in her and wishes he could have made it right before it came to this.

“I am the only parent in this relationship with Danielle that is trying to see the best thing for this child,” Ira Peskowitz said. “To have her be an asset to the community, to understand what love is and to understand what family is about.”

We don’t know how long she will be in but the sentencing hearing is next month, and they will try her for the battery sometime between then and now to add the charges along with the others.

She had her claim at fame, and it was as short lived as her temper.  I guess this puts a stop to her self proclaimed tour she was planning.  We will see what happens next with the juvenile superstar.


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