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Beauty Tip Tuesday’s : With Great Contorting Comes An Even Better Highlight

Highlighting and contouring goes hand in hand especially when one is trying to achieve “The Look”.The first step to get the best results possible is to use the product that’s right for your skin tone. Using the wrong high light is like using the wrong foundation, also known as...

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#NoMakeup… even on the Red Carpet.

People take things too seriously in media.  Like seriously, and the Fresh face campaign that alicia Keys is advocating goes to show that first hand.  She showed up, as stunning as usual, at the VMA’s with her husband Swizz Beatz on her arm with absolutely no makeup on as...

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Pretty Hustla Spotlight: Blink Mink Lashes + iTwistOrlando

Pretty Hustlaz is a platform where women in Entertainment, Retail, or Cultural Business can come together to empower each other and essentially build all brands cohesively. Pretty Husta Tamarin KIMBLE is a femtrepeneur to the tee!  She manages her own Orlando based loctician brand as well as her newest...

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