Beauty Tip Tuesday’s : With Great Contorting Comes An Even Better Highlight


Highlighting and contouring goes hand in hand especially when one is trying to achieve “The Look”.The first step to get the best results possible is to use the product that’s right for your skin tone. Using the wrong high light is like using the wrong foundation, also known as “a disaster waiting to happen”. It would be completely pointless to use the wrong highlighter because it won’t correctly complement the contour.

Choosing The Right Highlight

When highlighting with foundation Its allowed to be a tone lighter than your skin. Since the technique of highlighting is universal no matter the shape of a person’s face here are some common skin tones with the correct illuminator   shade.

Fair Complexions:

Individuals with a pale complexion should use an illuminator   with silver undertones. The silver dust in colors such as icy pink or moon dust.  Darker highlighters with gold tones will give your face a harsh bronze look and might also even look like your covering a scar; definitely not a graceful sight to see.  When highlighting with foundation Its allowed to be a tone lighter than your skin.

Olive and Tan Complexions

To avoid looking like you have a dry skin condition you might want to stay away from silver undertone illuminator. The goal is to glow and tan things that shine have a gold radiance surrounding them.

Deep Complexions :

The Best illuminator for a skin tone so rich is a copper color , the bronze effect will appear more pigmented . Any thing lighter might do everything but a glowing effect.

Here are some illustrations on how your highlight should not look …



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